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Vincent Riggio

Vincent Riggio, business executive. award. Roman Catholic.


  • Riggio, Vincent was born on November 4, 1877 in Nicosia, Sicily. Son of Frank and Flavia (Ansaldi) Riggio.

  • Education

    • Came to the United States, 1883. Educational public schools.


    • Tobacco Company, 1907), 1905-1907, div. manager and sales executive American Tobacco Company, 1907-1922, general sales manager, 1922-1928, assistant vice president, 1928, vice president in charge sales, 1929-1946, president, 1946-1950, Chairman of the Board, director, 1950-1951. Chairman, director J. Wix & Sons, Ltd., London. Director American Tobacco Company of Orient, Golden Belt Manufacturing Company, Henry Clay and Bock & Company, Cuban Land & Leaf Tobacco Company, Cuban Tobacco Company Received American Schools and College Association award.


    Denomination: Roman Catholic


    Clubs: Metropolitan, Empire State (New York City).


    • Married Antoinette Gallo, April. Children: Frank V., Flavia (Mistress.
    • father: Frank Riggio
    • mother: Flavia (Ansaldi) Riggio
    • spouse: Antoinette Gallo
    • children: Frank V. Riggio
    • Flavia (Mrs Riggio
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    Born November 4, 1877
    Died September 6, 1960
    (aged 82)