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Harold Haile Berry

Harold Haile Berry, business executive.


  • Berry, Harold Haile was born on May 14, 1883 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Son of John King and Ellen M. (Brown) Berry.

  • Education

    • Graduate Roxbury Latin School, 1900. Bachelor of Arts, Harvard, 1904.


    • Broker investment banker, New York City, 1904-1929. With Irving Trust Company of New York, 1930-1933. Became vice-president, director Combustion Engineering Company, Inc., New York City 1933, now ret.


    • Married Beatrice Brown, February 24, 1914.
    • father: John King Berry
    • mother: Ellen M. (Brown) Berry
    • spouse: Beatrice Brown
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    Born March 14, 1883
    Died August 13, 1961
    (aged 78)