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William Burt Clark

William Burt Clark, American executive. Mason (Scottish Rite, Shriner).


  • Clark, William Burt was born on December 15, 1884 in Brooklyn, New York, United States. Son of William Joshua and Mary Alice (Collins) Clark.

  • Education

    • Educated Brooklyn High School Secretary to president of Wells Fargo & Company, 1911-1918, assistant secretary, 1913-1918. Assistant to president and assistant secretary American Railway Express Company, 1918-1928, vice-president and treasurer, 1928-1929. Vice-president and treasurer Railway Express Agency, Inc., since 1929.

      Also vice-president and treasurer Railway Express Agency of California, and Virginia, and Railway Express Motor Transport, Inc., of Indiana.


    • Assistant to pres.


    Mason (Scottish Rite, Shriner). Clubs: New York Athletic, Lawyers (New York City).


    • father: William Joshua Clark
    • mother: Mary Alice (Collins) Clark
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    Born December 15, 1884