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Godfrey Macdonald

Godfrey Macdonald, business executive. Decorated Order Generalisimo Francisco de Miranda, (Venezuela); Orden de Merito Industrial, en el Grado de Gran Oficial (Colombia).


  • Macdonald, Godfrey was born on May 29, 1899 in Atlanta. Son of Godfrey Harrison and Edith (Pennington) Macdonald.

  • Education

    • Student St. Pauls School, Concord, 1911-1916, Central High School, Washington, 1916-1918, Princeton, 1918-1922.


    • Entered Grace Organisation, New York, 1922, assistant manager W. R. Grace & Company, Atlanta, 1924-1925, sast. manager Nitrate Agilysys Company, New Orleans, 1926-1928, manager Young & Griffin Coffee Company, New Haven, 1920-1930. Transferred to Grace Line, 1930, traveling fgt. agent, with headquarters New York, 1931, district manager Grace Line, Philadelphia, 1932-1934, fgt. traffic manager Intercoastal Service, 1934-1936, assistant passenger traffic manager, 1936-1945, passenger traffic manager, 1945-1948, vice president in charge passenger traffic, 1948-1961, vice president in office of president, since 1961.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Denomination: Episcopalian


    Served with United States Army 1918. Member Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce of the United States (president 1948-1951), Colombian Chamber of Commerce, (past president), Pan American Society, Peruvian American Society, Chilean American Society, St. Andrews Society State of New York (board of managers 1955-1957), Princeton Engineering Association, Association Internationale des Skal. Clubs: Rotary, City Midday, Rockefeller Luncheon, Skal of North America (past president), (New York).


    • Married Elizabeth Boeckeler, May 21, 1924. Children: Elizabeth Edith (Mistress.
    • father: Godfrey Harrison Macdonald
    • mother: Edith (Pennington) Macdonald
    • spouse: Elizabeth Boeckeler
    • child: Elizabeth Edith (Mrs Macdonald
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    Born March 29, 1899
    Died August 17, 1967
    (aged 68)