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Clayton Douglass Buck

Clayton Douglass BUCK, American Governor. Member, Delta Phi.


  • BUCK, Clayton Douglass was born on March 21, 1890 in Buena Vista. New Castle Company, Delaware, United States. Son of Francis N. and Constance Margaret (Douglass) Buck.

  • Education

    • Preparatory education, Friends’ School, Wilmington, Delaware. Student of University of Pennsylvania.


    • Was engaged in road-building engineering work, Delaware. Chief engineer, Delaware State Highway Department, 1920-1929. Governor of Delaware 1929-1937.

      United States senator from Delaware for term beginning January 1943. President Equitable Trust Company, Wilmington.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Denomination: Episcopalian


    Member, Delta Phi. Clubs: St. Elmo (Philadelphia), Wilmington, Wilmington Country, American Business, Union League (Washington, District of Columbia). Residence: Buena Vista, Wilmington, Delegate.


    • Married Alice duPont Wilson. Children: Clayton Douglass, Dorcas Van Dyke.
    • father: Francis N. Buck
    • mother: Margaret (Douglass) Buck
    • spouse: Alice duPont Wilson
    • children: Clayton Douglass Buck
    • Dorcas Van Dyke Buck
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    Died January, 1965
    (aged 74)


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