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Ernest Lessing Byfield

Ernest Lessing Byfield, American hotel executive.


  • Byfield, Ernest Lessing was born on November 3, 1889 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Son of Joseph and Fannie (Grossman) Byfield.

  • Education

    • Educated Armour Institute, Cornell Univercity.


    • Secretary, treasurer Hotel Sherman Company, president, from 1927. Secretary, treasurer Independent Pure Ice Company, 1910. President College Inn Food Products Company, from 1927.

      Chairman of the Board Fulton Market Cold Storage Company, from 1927. President Ahbell Battery Container Corporation. Popularized tomato juice as beverage.

      Developed Pump Room in Ambassador East Hotel and College Inn in Sherman Hotel as noted gathering places.


    • Married Kathryn Prest, November 1, 1929.
    • father: Joseph Byfield
    • mother: Fannie (Grossman) Byfield
    • spouse: Kathryn Prest
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    Born November 3, 1889
    Died February 10, 1950
    (aged 60)