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Merton Grant Kennedy

Merton Grant Kennedy, business executive. Member Beta Theta Pi.; Mason (Shriner).


  • Kennedy, Merton Grant was born on December 23, 1890 in Parkersburg, Iowa, United States. Son of James McFarland and Adele (Stough) Kennedy.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, Univercity Idaho, 1914. Student of University Pennsylvania, 1916-1917.


    • Vice president, director Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc Company, Inc., 1943. President Cia. Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc do Brasil, S.A., 1944, Cia. Raymond-Morrisen-Knudsen do Brasil, S.A., 1943, C. A. Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc de Venezuela, 1949, Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc y Compania de Columbia, S.A., 1950-1960, retired, now consultant to corporation.

      President Cia. Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc del Peru 1951-1960. Vice president Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc Company de Centro America, 1953-1960. Cia Constructora a Emkay de Comombia, president, 1955-1960.

      Cia. Constructora Emkay del Peru, president, 1956-1960. C. A. Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc del Paraguay, president, 1956-1960.


    Member Beta Theta Pi. Mason (Shriner).; Clubs: Denver, Country (Denver), Sleepy Hollow Country (Scarborough-on-Hudson, New York).


    • Married Eleanor Chatterton, August 15, 1925.
    • father: James McFarland Kennedy
    • mother: Adele (Stough) Kennedy
    • spouse: Eleanor Chatterton
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    Born December 23, 1890
    Died April 7, 1963
    (aged 72)