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George Breuninger Beitzel

George Breuninger Beitzel, business executive. Mason.


  • Beitzel, George Breuninger was born on July 23, 1893 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of William Henry and Hester Jacoby (Brenner) Beitzel.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the University Pennsylvania, 1916.


    • Joined Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company, Philadelphia, 1930, president, director, 1949-1955, later special representative foreign operations. Director Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Company, Pensalt Chemicals Corporation, Globe Ticket Company, assistant director for production ODM, Washington 1957-1965. Conservation to International Cooperation Administration.

      President board Delaware County Hospital. Board directors Methodist Hospital.


    The state cannot control the church, nor should the church attempt to dominate the state. However, religious expression should be present in public life.

    Party affiliation: Republican


    The longing for holiness is not about wanting to be 'holier than thou'. It is about wanting the love of God to permeate all of our life, and for that love to be shown through our lives to other people.

    Denomination: Methodist


    Every individual should try to be open to others and willing to be changed. Therefore, community members should meet regularly in order to open their hearts, share their knowledge, thoughts and experience.


    Mason.; Clubs: Union League (Philadelphia).


    • Married Mary Elizabeth Bickley, September 10, 1918. Children: George Bickley, Anna Margaret.
    • father: William Henry Beitzel
    • mother: Hester Jacoby (Brenner) Beitzel
    • spouse: Mary Elizabeth Bickley
    • children: George Bickley Beitzel
    • Anna Margaret Beitzel
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    Born July 23, 1893
    Died November 27, 1975
    (aged 82)