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Virgil Lee Bankson

Virgil Lee Bankson, American government official.


  • Bankson, Virgil Lee was born on May 24, 1908 in Park, Kansas, United States. Son of Charles Walker and Ella May (Greene) Bankson.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, Antioch College, 1933.


    • Regional agriculture and labor specialist Federal Security Agency, 1935-1943. Special adviser on loan to coordinator defense housing, 1942-1943. Analyst, economist War Production Board, 1943-1945.

      Section head OPA, 1945-1946. Analyst Office Housing Expeditor, 1946-1947. Chief price branch Supreme Command Allies Pacific, Japan, 1947-1950.

      Economist Public Housing Administration, 1950-1953. Housing finance adviser International Cooperation Administration, Djakarta, 1954-1955, program analyst, assistant program officer, Taipei, Taiwan, 1955-1959, international relations officer, Washington, since 1959. Home: 1081 Ruatan St., Silver Spring, Maryland.

      Office: International Cooperative Administration, Washington 25.


    • Married Margaret Rodby, January 31, 1936. Children: Jane Ellyn (Mistress.
    • father: Charles Walker Bankson
    • mother: Ella May (Greene) Bankson
    • spouse: Margaret Rodby
    • child: Jane Ellyn (Mrs Bankson
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    Born March 24, 1908
    Died April 14, 1962
    (aged 54)