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Vance Rogers

Vance Rogers, American government official.


  • Rogers, Vance was born on April 27, 1908 in Atlanta. Son of Alan and Gertrude (Nelson) Rogers.

  • Education

    • Student Ohio State University, 1926-1928, University of Chicago, 1928-1929. Bachelor of Arts, Univercity Hawaii, 1930. Postgraduate anthropology U. London, 1934.


    • Staff United States Department of Agriculture, 1934-1942. Assistant general manager Wholesale Food Company, Caracas, 1947-1950. Chief of field party Institute Inter American Affairs, Costa Rica, 1942-1947, chief field party, country director Technology Cooperative Administration, Haiti, 1950-1952.

      Director Mission to Panama, I.I.A.A., Foreign Operations Administration, International Cooperation Administration, 1952-1956, director Mission to Mexico, 1956-1958, director Mission to Peru, 1958-1961. Chief adviser Committee for Development N.E. Thailand, 1962. Home: Washington. Office: International Bank for Reconstrn. and Development, Washington 25.


    • Married Marjorie Barnes, September 21, 1934. Children: Bryant, Lynn, Jean.
    • father: Alan Rogers
    • mother: Gertrude (Nelson) Rogers
    • spouse: Marjorie Barnes
    • children: Bryant Rogers
    • Lynn Rogers
    • Jean Rogers
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    Born April 27, 1908
    Died August 25, 1962
    (aged 54)