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Alexander Contee Hanson

Alexander Contee Hanson, American jurist.


  • Hanson, Alexander Contee was born on October 22, 1749 in Annapolis, Maryland, United States. Son of John and Jane (Contee) Hanson.

  • Education

    • Graduated from College of Philadelphia.


    • Bar, 1772; associate judge General Court Maryland, 1778-1781. His decision to have hanged, drawn and quartered Tories accused of treason resulted in passage Maryland law providing for imprisonment instead, 1782. Maryland. presidential elector, 1789.

      Favored adoption of the United States Constitution. Chancellor Maryland, 1789-1806. Wrote legal tracts and pamphlets.


    • Married Rebeca Howard, June 4, 1778, 2 children, including Alexander C. Admitted to Maryland.
    • father: John Hanson
    • mother: Jane (Contee) Hanson
    • spouse: Rebeca Howard
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    Born October 22, 1749
    Died January 16, 1806
    (aged 56)