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Moses Robinson

Moses Robinson, American senator, governor. Vt.


  • Robinson, Moses was born on March 26, 1742 in Hardwick, Massachusetts, United States. Son of Samuel and Mercy (Lennard or Leonard) Robinson.

  • Career

    • Delegate from Vt; General Assembly from Bennington, 1802</td><tr><td class="label_burgverd11px"><b>Death</b></td></tr><tr><td> Died Bennington, May 26, 1813.


    Member Vermont Council of Safety. Member convention which declared independence of Vermont, 1777. Member Vermont Government's Council, 1778-1785.

    Member 3d Council of Censors (supervised constitution, legislative, executive departments of Vermont). Member Vermont Convention which ratified United States Constitution, 1791. Member United States Senate from Vermont, October 17, 1791-October 17, 1796.

    Member Vermont General Assembly from Bennington, 1802.


    • Married Mary Fay; married second, Susana Howe.
    • father: Samuel Lennard
    • mother: Mercy (Lennard
    • spouses: Mary Fay
    • Susana Howe
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    Died March 26, 1813
    (aged 71)