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Roger Vose

Roger Vose, American congressman. member N.H. Senate, 1809-1810, 12; member United States Ho; member N.H. Ho.


  • Vose, Roger was born on February 24, 1763 in Milton, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, United States.

  • Education

    • Graduated from Harvard, 1790. Studied law.


    • Chief justice Court of Common Pleas, 1818-1820, Court of Sessions, 1820-1825</td><tr><td class="label_burgverd11px"><b>Death</b></td></tr><tr><td> Died Walpole, Oct.


    Member N.H. Senate, 1809-1810, 12. Member United States Ho. Member N.H. Ho.
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    Born February 24, 1763
    Died October 26, 1841
    (aged 78)