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John Leavitt Stevens

John Leavitt Stevens, American journalist, diplomat. member Maine House of Representatives, 1865-1870.


  • Stevens, John Leavitt was born on August 1, 1820 in Mount Vernon, Maine, United States. Son of John and Charlotte (Lyford) Stevens.

  • Education

    • Honorary Doctor of Laws, Tufts U., 1883.


    • Became Universalist minister, 1845, (with James Gillespie Blaine) Kennebec Journal, Augusta, Maine, 1855-1869, became editor-in chief, 1857. Member Maine House of Representatives, 1865-1870. United States minister to Paraguay and Uruguay, 1870-1874.

      United States minister resident to Sweden and Norway, 1877-1883. United States minister to Hawaii, 1893, recognized Sanford Dole and Provisional Government, 1893. Accused of overstepping limits as diplomatic representative in foreign country (James Henderson Blount, special commissioner of President Cleveland, charged that he had entered into conspiracy with revolutionists, and had promised in advance the use of America forces to overthrow royal government).

      Denied all complicity before Senate committee, 1894. Author: Picturesque Hawaii, 1894.


    • Author: Picturesque Hawaii, 1894.


    Member Maine House of Representatives, 1865-1870.


    • Married Mary Lowell Smith, May 10, 1845, 4 children.
    • father: John Stevens
    • mother: Charlotte (Lyford) Stevens
    • spouse: Mary Lowell Smith
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    Died February 8, 1895
    (aged 74)