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Nathaniel Beverley Tucker

Nathaniel Beverley Tucker, American Confederate agent.


  • Tucker, Nathaniel Beverley was born on June 8, 1820 in Winchester, Virginia, United States. Son of Henry St. George and Anne (Hunter) Tucker.

  • Education

    • Attended University of Virginia.


    • Editor, Washington (District of Columbia) Sentinel, 1853-1856. United States consul at Liverpool, England, 1857 joined Confederate Army, entered into contract to provide supplies for army. Sent to Canada on mission to arrange for exchange of cotton for bacon, also to make some secret diplomatic representations to Northern men of influence, 1864.

      Included in “wanted” list of Union Government during war, accused of complicity in plot to murder Lincoln, charges dropped.


    • Married Jane Ellis, January 21, 1841, 8 children.
    • father: Henry St. George Tucker
    • mother: Anne (Hunter) Tucker
    • spouse: Jane Ellis
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    Died July 4, 1890
    (aged 70)