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Joseph Clay Styles Blackburn

Joseph Clay Styles Blackburn, American senator. member Ky; member 44th to 48th Congresses (1875-1885); member Isthmian Canal Commn.


  • Blackburn, Joseph Clay Styles was born on October 1, 1838 in Woodford Company, Kentucky, United States. Son of Edward M. and Lavinia S. Blackburn.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, Centre College, Kentucky, 1857 (Doctor of Laws).


    • Admitted to bar, 1858. Practiced at Chicago, 1858-1860. Served throughout Civil War in C.S.A.

      Resumed practice in Kentucky. Member Kentucky House of Representatives, 1871-1875. Member 44th to 48th Congresses (1875-1885).

      United States senator, 1885-1897 and 1901-1907. Member Isthmian Canal Commission and head department civil administration, Canal Zone, April 1, 1907-December 4, 1909. Delaware Democratic nat. convs., 1896, 1900, 1904, a leader in the free-coinage movement.

      Chairman Democratic caucus, United States Senate, 1906, 1907. Home: Versailles, Ky.


    Member Ky; member 44th to 48th Congresses (1875-1885). Member Isthmian Canal Commn.


    • Married Therese Graham, February 10, 1858 (died 1899). Married second, Mistress.
    • father: Edward M.
    • mother: Lavinia S. Blackburn
    • spouses: Therese Graham
    • Mistress
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    Born October 1, 1838
    Died September 12, 1918
    (aged 79)