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Shelby Moore Cullom

Shelby Moore Cullom, American senator. member Illinois Ho; member 39th to 41st Congresses (1865-1871).


  • Cullom, Shelby Moore was born on November 22, 1829 in Monticello, Wayne Company, Kentucky, United States. Son of Richard Northcraft and Elizabeth (Coffey) Cullom.

  • Education

    • Family removed to Tazewell Company, Illinois, 1830. Academic education Rock River Seminary, Mount Morris, Illinois, 2 years. (Doctor of Laws, University of Illinois, 1903).

      Went to Springfield, 1853, to study law. Has since resided there. Admitted to Illinois bar, 1855.


    • Was city attorney and continued to practice law until 1865. Presidential elector on Fillmore ticket, 1852. Member Illinois House of Representatives, 1856, 1860-1861, 1872, 1873-1874 (speaker, 1861, 1873).

      Member 39th to 41st Congresses (1865-1871). Appointed, by President Lincoln, 1862, with George S. Boutwell and Charles A. Dana to pass upon accounts of the United States quartermaster and commissary officers. Chairman Illinois delegation Republican National Convention, Philadelphia, 1872, and placed General Grant in nomination for the Presidency.

      Governor of Illinois, 1876-1883, resigned. United States senator, since 1883.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Member Illinois Ho; member 39th to 41st Congresses (1865-1871).


    • Married Hanna M. Fisher, December 12, 1855 (died 1861). Married second, Julia Fisher, May 5, 1863 (died 1909).
    • father: Richard Northcraft Cullom
    • mother: Elizabeth (Coffey) Cullom
    • spouses: Hanna M. Fisher
    • Julia Fisher
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    Born November 22, 1829
    Died January 28, 1914
    (aged 84)