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David Moffatt Furches

David Moffatt Furches, American jurist.


  • Furches, David Moffatt was born on April 21, 1832 in Davie Company, North Carolina, United States. Son of Stephen Lewis and Mary Howell Furches.

  • Education

    • Educated in Union Academy there. Read law with Chief Justice Pearson. Admitted to North Carolina bar, 1857, locating at Mocksville, Davie Company.


    • Was company attorney, 1858. Republican candidate for Congress, 1872. Appointed judge superior court, 1875.

      Republican candidate for supreme court judge, 1888. And for government, 1892. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, North Carolina, 1894-1900.

      Chief justice, 1901-1902.


    • father: Stephen Lewis
    • mother: Mary Howell Furches
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    Born April 21, 1832
    Died 1908
    (aged 75)