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Samuel Franklin Miller

Samuel Franklin Miller, American congressman. member of New York Assembly, 1854; member United States Ho; member of New York Constl; member of New York State Board of Charities, 1869-1877; member United States Ho.


  • Miller, Samuel Franklin was born on May 27, 1827 in Franklin, New York, United States.

  • Education

    • Graduate Delaware Lit. Graduate Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, 1852. Studied law.


    • Engaged in farming and lumbering.


    Member of New York Assembly, 1854. Member United States Ho. Member of New York Constl.

    Member of New York State Board of Charities, 1869-1877. Member United States Ho.
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    Born March 27, 1827
    Died March 16, 1892
    (aged 64)