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John Turner Milner

John Turner Milner, businessman, legislator. member Alabama Senate from Jefferson County, 1888-1896.


  • Milner, John Turner was born on September 29, 1826 in Pike County, Georgia, United States. Son of Willis Jay and Elizabeth (Turner) Milner.

  • Education

    • Attended U. Georgia, 1843-1846.


    • Gained practical insight into railroad construction in youth from his father. Principal assistant in building Macon & Western R.R., 1848. Went to California during gold rush, 1849.

      Became city surveyor San Jose (California), circa 1850. Returned to Georgia, 1854, built Montgomery & West Point R.R. Granted subsidy (with Frank Gilmer) by Confederate Government to erect Oxmoor (Alabama) furnaces to provide war materials, during Civil War.

      Associate with S.& N. Alabama R.R. Formed Elyton Land Company (which founded Birmingham, Alabama), 1871. Organized Newcastle Coal & Iron Company, 1873, Milner Coal & Railroad Company, 1879.

      Member Alabama Senate from Jefferson County, 1888-1896.


    Member Alabama Senate from Jefferson County, 1888-1896.


    • Married Flora J. Caldwell, December 30, 1855, 4 children.
    • father: Willis Jay Milner
    • mother: Elizabeth (Turner) Milner
    • spouse: Flora J. Caldwell
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    Born September 29, 1826
    Died August 18, 1898
    (aged 71)