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John Hollis Bankhead

John Hollis Bankhead, American senator. Member Alabama House of Representatives, 1865-1867, 1880-1881, Senate, 1876-1877; member 50th to 60th Congresses (1887-1907), 6th Alabama District; member Inland Waterways Commission, March, 1907; Mason.


  • Bankhead, John Hollis was born on September 13, 1842 in Moscow (now Sulligent), Marion (now Lamar) Company, Alabama, United States. Son of James Greer and Susan (Hollis) Bankhead.

  • Education

    • Education common schools. Lieutenant and captain 16th Alabama Volumes, C.S.A., 1861-1865. Wounded 3 times.


    • James Brockman, November 13, 1866. Father-in-law of Thomas McAdory Owen.


    • Author of the law for federal aid to post roads. Mason. Methodist. Democrat.


    There is a large range of issues where Church should interact with politics in such areas as poverty and inequality, environmental issues, nuclear and chemical weapons and the harm caused by use of drugs and drinking.

    Party affiliation: Democrat


    God wants to see people productive, creative, useful, and supremely happy, within an environment of spiritual perfection, health, peace, and love.

    Denomination: Methodist


    The strong feature of Methodism is the role of local people take for the fabric of church buildings and manses and for the handling of money. They share with ordained ministers the role of setting direction for the churches in a particular area or 'circuit'.


    Member Alabama House of Representatives, 1865-1867, 1880-1881, Senate, 1876-1877. Member 50th to 60th Congresses (1887-1907), 6th Alabama District. Member Inland Waterways Commission, March, 1907.


    • Married Tallulah J., d.
    • father: James Greer Bankhead
    • mother: Susan (Hollis) Bankhead
    • spouse: Tallulah J.
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    Born September 13, 1842
    Died March 1, 1920
    (aged 77)