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Ignacio Calderon

Ignacio Calderon, Bolivian diplomat.


  • Calderon, Ignacio was born on July 31, 1848 in La Paz, Bolivia. Son of Florencio and Antonia de Calderon.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the University of La Paz, in which, at 19, became teacher of history for 1 year. Secretary of Bolivian legation at Rome, 1868-1870. Then became supervisor of public instruction in Bolivia, and afterward 1st secretary of Bolivian legation at Lima, Peru.

      Resigned to come to the United States, 1876.


    • Traveled through United States, and for a time acted as consul-general of Bolivia at New York. Returned to Bolivia, 1886, to manage affairs of large importing and exporting company. Selected, 1889, as president Banco Hipotecario, a large financial institution of La Paz.

      Secretary of the treasurer of Bolivia, 1900, by appointment of President Pando. Envoy Extraordinary anu Minister Plenipotentiary of Bolivia to the United States since March, 1904. Address: Bolivian Legation, Washington.


    • Married Philadelphia, Arcadia C. Yarnall Cropper, of Virginia, 1877.
    • father: Florencio Antonia
    • mother: Antonia
    • spouse: Philadelphia
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    Born July 31, 1848