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Charles Adkins

Charles Adkins, American congressman. member 69th to 72d Congresses (1925-1933), 19th Illinois District; Mason.


  • Adkins, Charles was born on February 7, 1863 in Pickaway County, Ohio, United States. Son of Sampson and Eliza Ann (Mintun) Adkins.

  • Education

    • Education common schools.


    • F., Reuben (deceased), Roy, Howard, Ruth (Mistress Claud Shirey), Grace, Martha, Mary. Farmer till 1918; member 69th to 72d Congresses (1925-1933), 19th Illinois District.


    There is a large range of issues where Church should interact with politics in such areas as poverty and inequality, environmental issues, nuclear and chemical weapons and the harm caused by use of drugs and drinking.

    Party affiliation: Republican


    God gives us the Holy Spirit, and when we respond, there is no limit to what the grace of God is able to do in a human life.

    Denomination: Methodist


    The family is encompassing a wider range of options than that of the two-generational unit of parents and children.


    Member 69th to 72d Congresses (1925-1933), 19th Illinois District.


    • Married Dora Ellen Farrow, 1888. Children: Dora Ellen (widow of Romie Campbell), Charles Otis, Ben.
    • father: Sampson Adkins
    • mother: Eliza Ann (Mintun) Adkins
    • spouse: Dora Ellen Farrow
    • children: Dora Ellen Adkins (widow of Romie Campbell)
    • Charles Otis Adkins
    • Ben Adkins
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    Born February 7, 1863
    Died March 31, 1941
    (aged 78)