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Charles Page Bryan

Charles Page Bryan, American diplomat. Decorated by Emperor of Japan with Grand Cordon of Rising Sun. member Colo; member Illinois Ho.


  • Bryan, Charles Page was born on October 2, 1856 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Son of Honorary Thomas Barbour and Jane Byrd (Page) Bryan.

  • Education

    • Educated University of Virginia, 1877-1879. Bachelor of Laws, Columbian (now George Washington University, 1879. Admitted to bar, 1878.

      Unmarried. Resided in Colorado, 1879-1884. Member Colorado House of Representatives, 1880. Colonel on staff Governor Eaton of Colorado, 1884.

      Made 2 tours of Europe for Chicago Exposition, 1891, 1892. Member Illinois House of Representatives, 1888-1897. Colonel on staffs of governments Fifer, Oglesby and Altgeld, of Illinois, 1887-1896.

      Envoy Extraordinary anu Minister Plenipotentiary to China, 1897-1898, to Brazil, 1898-1902, to Switzerland, 1902-1903, to Portugal, 1903-1909, to Belgium, 1909-1911. A.E and P. to Japan, August 12, 1911-November 1912.


    • Made 2 tours of Europe for Chicago Expn.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Member Colo; member Illinois Ho.


    • father: Honorary Thomas Barbour Bryan
    • mother: Jane Byrd (Page) Bryan
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    Born October 2, 1856
    Died March 13, 1918
    (aged 61)