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Eugene Noble Foss

Eugene Noble Foss, American governor.


  • Foss, Eugene Noble was born on September 24, 1858 in West Berkshire, Vermont, United States. Son of George Edmund and Marcia Cordelia (Noble) Foss.

  • Education

    • Brother of George Edmund F. University of Vermont, 1877-1879 (Bachelor of Arts, 1901, Doctor of Laws, 1912).


    • Entered manufacturing at Boston, 1882. Became president B. F. Sturtevant Company. Officer in other corporations Prominent from 1902 in advocacy of tariff revisions and reciprocity.

      Elected to 61st Congress, March 22, 1910, for unexpired term (1910-1911) of William C. Lovering, deceased. Governor of Massachusetts terms 1910-1911, 1911-1912, 1912-1913. Defeated for reëlection, 1913.


    Party affiliation: Democrat


    Denomination: Baptist


    • Married Lilla Sturtevant, June 12, 1884.
    • father: George Edmund Foss
    • mother: Marcia Cordelia (Noble) Foss
    • spouse: Lilla Sturtevant
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    Born September 24, 1858
    Died September 13, 1939
    (aged 80)