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Adolph Levy Frankenthal

Adolph Levy Frankenthal, United States consul.


  • Frankenthal, Adolph Levy was born on January 1, 1851 in Lübeck, Germany. Son of L. J. and Henrietta (Hirschberg) Frankenthal.

  • Education

    • Educated academics in Lübeek and Hamburg, Germany. Graduate Hamburg, 1864.


    • Resident of Boston, Massachusetts, since 1871. Naturalized, 1877; manufacturer fancy leather goods in Boston until 1898. Inventor patented violin case.

      Since January 6, 1898, United States consul at Berne, Switzerland.


    • Contributor to various Jewish papers in Germany and Switzerland on Hebrew literature, etc.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    • Married Boston, October 17, 1877, Ettie J. Jacobs of Halifax, Nova Scoti In business in Hamburg, 1864-1871.
    • father: L. J. Frankenthal
    • mother: Henrietta (Hirschberg) Frankenthal
    • spouse: Boston
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    Born January 1, 1851