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Robert Jackson Gamble

Robert Jackson Gamble, American senator. Mason.


  • Gamble, Robert Jackson was born on February 7, 1851 in Genesee Company, New York, United States. Son of Robert and Jennie A. (Abernethy) Gamble.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, Lawrence University, Wisconsin, 1874 (Doctor of Laws, 1909).


    • Admitted to bar, 1875. Practiced at Yankton, South Dakot, until 1915. Since at Sioux Falls, South Dakot.

      Was member Gamble Brothers, 1876-1891 (John R. Gamble elected to Congress, 1890, but died 1891, before taking seat). District attorney, 2d Judicial District, Dak. Ty., 1880; city attorney, Yankton, 1881-1882.

      Member South Dakot Senate, 1885. Chairman Republican State Convention, 1892-1893. Member 54th and 56th Congresses (1895-1897, 1899-1901).

      United States senator for terms, 1901-1907, 1907-1913.


    Party affiliation: Republican




    • Married Carrie S. Osborn, March 26, 1884.
    • father: Robert Gamble
    • mother: Jennie A. (Abernethy) Gamble
    • spouse: Carrie S. Osborn
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    Born February 7, 1851
    Died September 22, 1924
    (aged 73)