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Charles N. Herreid

Charles N. Herreid, American governor. Mason.


  • Herreid, Charles N. was born on October 20, 1857 in Dane Company, Wisconsin, United States. Son of N. and Tena (Kytle) Herreid.

  • Education

    • Educated Galesville (Wisconsin) U. Bachelor of Laws, University of Wisconsin, 1882.


    • Went to McPherson Company, South Dakot, 1883. State’s attorney, and judge Company Court. Lieutenant governor of South Dakot, 1892-1894, and 1894-1896.

      Never had a ruling questioned, or decision as presiding officer of Senate appealed from, during his 2 terms. Chairman Republican State Central Committee and acting member Republican National Committee, 1898-1900. Governor of South Dakot, 1900-1902 and 1902-1904.

      In law practice at Aberdeen, South Dakot, 1905-1915. Also director Western Mutual Life Insurance Сompany. Vice president Dak. Central Telephone Сompany.

      President Citizens Trust & Savings Bank. Federal food administrator for South Dakot (exclusively), October 1917-November 1919. Chairman for South Dakot of Military Training Camps Association, and member state coms. of Red Cross and Belgian relief.

      Trustee University of South Dakot, 1897, and member board regents of education, South Dakot, 1898-1900. Past Grand Chancellor and Supreme Republican K. of Philisophy.


    Denomination: Presbyterian




    • Married Jeanette E. Slye, 1882. Children: Mistress.
    • father: N. Herreid
    • mother: Tena (Kytle) Herreid
    • spouse: Jeanette E. Slye
    • child: Mrs Herreid
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    Born October 20, 1857
    Died July 6, 1928
    (aged 70)