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Lois Marie Harrod

Lois Marie Harrod, poet, writer, educator, printmaker. Fellowship New Jersey Council Arts, 1993, 98, 2003.


  • Supervisor creative writing New Jersey Governor School of Arts. Teacher English High School. Teaching adjunct College New Jersey.


  • Crazy Alice
  • Harrod's Crazy Alice has three sections of rolicking poems:#1, Crazy Alice, a fictional autobiography exploring the poet as woman; #2, Sex Without Words,which explores the connections between language and the body, words and love-making; and #3;Artifacts, poems largely from her experience as parent and teacher.
  • Part of the Deeper Sea
  • As the title indicates, Part of the Deeper Sea explores the relationships between small incidents--seeing horseshoe crabs on the beach, attending high school play, finding a gray hair--and the larger themes of human life.
  • Spelling the World Backwards
  • Spelling the World Backwards is a poignant account of a father dying from Alzheimer's disease and a mother's caretaking.
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