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Ruth Park

Ruth Park, New Zealand writer.


  • Park, Ruth was born on August 24, 1917 in Auckland.

  • Works

    • Things in Corners (Puffin Books)
    • Who was the laughing, half-demented man in the mirror of the vintage car? What was the creature guarding Willy's aunt's house? Or the pulsing, jelly-like blob in the corner of the elevator? These chilling stories have one thing in common: the unexpected.
    • Swords and Crowns and Rings
    • Growing up in an Australian country town before World War I, Jackie Hanna and Cushie Moy are carefree and innocent in their love for each other, but Jackie is a dwarf, and his devotion to the beautiful Cushie is condemned by her parents.
    • Modern Classics The Harp In The South Novels
    • Covering a span of over thirty years in the life of the Darcy family, these three iconic novels from Ruth Park take us from first love to hardship via outback Australia and the streets of Surry Hills.
    • My Sister Sif
    • Fourteen-year-old Riko manages to get her sister Sif and herself to their Pacific island home, where a scientist who falls in love with Sif discovers her connection with an underwater race.


    • Married D'Arcy Niland (deceased 1967). Children: Deborah, Anne, Rory;1 child Patrick.
    Ruth Park
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    Born August 24, 1917
    Died December 14, 2010
    (aged 93)