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Belva Plain

Belva Plain, American writer.


  • Plain, Belva was born on October 9, 1919 in New York City. Daughter of Oscar and Eleanor Offenberg.

  • Education

    • Graduate, Barnard College.


    • Evergreen
    • The towering modern classic of passion and  ambition that forever changed the way we see the  courageous immigrants who came to America's shores -- the  story of Anna Friedman transfixes us with the  turbulent emotions of a woman and her family touched  by war, tragedy, and the devastating secrets of one  forbidden love.
    • Random Winds
    • From a quiet turn-of-the-century village in  upstate New York to war-torn London, from the bedsides  of the rural poor to the life-and-death urgency of  a great New York City hospital, this is a powerful  epic of three generations of doctors in one  magnificent family.
    • The Golden Cup
    • In this magnificent return to the world of Evergreen, Henrietta Roth, an extraordinary woman, fights to control her destiny; and three turbulent generations come vividly to life against a background of immigrant struggle, war, and passion.
    • After the Fire
    • What happens when the picture-perfect marriage dissolves? In her stunning new novel, New York Times-bestselling author Belva Plain penetrates a shattered marriage to explore one of the most provocative issues of our time.


    • Married Irving Plain, June 14, 1941 (deceased 1982). Children: Barbara, Nancy, John.
    Belva Plain
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    Born October 9, 1919
    Died October 12, 2010
    (aged 91)