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Charles Creighton Carlin

Charles Creighton Carlin, American congressman.


  • Carlin, Charles Creighton was born on April 8, 1866 in Alexandria, Virginia, United States. Son of William H. and Frances E. Carlin.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Laws, National Law U., Washington, 1891.


    • Carlin was elected as a Democrat to the Sixtieth Congress to fill the vacancy caused by the death of John F. Rixey. He was reelected to the Sixty-first and to the five succeeding Congresses and served from November 5, 1907, to March 3, 1919, when he resigned before the commencement of the Sixty-sixth Congress, to which he had been reelected. He resumed the practice of law in Alexandria and Washington, D.C. He also engaged in the newspaper publishing business in Alexandria. He moved to Washington, D.C. in 1936 and continued the practice of law.


    Party affiliation: Democrat


    • Married Lillian Broders, October 1891.
    • father: William H.
    • mother: Frances E. Carlin
    • spouse: Lillian Broders
    Charles Carlin
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    Died October 14, 1938
    (aged 72)
    • 1891
      National University Law School
    • 1893 - 1897
      Postmaster, Post Office
      Alexandria, Virginia, United States
    • 1907 - 1919
      deligate, United States Congress
      Washington D.C., United States


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