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Timothy James Rice-Oxley (Tim)

Tim Rice-Oxley is best known for being keyboardist, singer and songwriter in the British band Keane,but in early 2010 that he was working on a side-project called Mt. Desolation along with his bandmate Jesse Quin.In 2006 Rice-Oxley co-wrote the songs Early Winter, and The Girl Inside (unreleased) for Gwen Stefani and the song Everything Is Beautiful for Kylie Minogue in 2009.Currently, he provides live and studio backing vocals for Keane.


  • Tim Rice-Oxley was born on June 2, 1976 in Oxford, England as Timothy James Rice-Oxley.As a teenager he was taking piano classes,but as he hated them and found them unbearably boring, his parents stopped them. After it he developed a liking for piano and so taught himself how to play, mainly because of The Beatles. Now he is considered to be multi-instrumentalist with piiano, bass, keyboards, backing vocals, keytar, guitar, synthesizer, recorder, harpsichord skills.

  • Education

    • Tim Rice-Oxley studied at Tonbridge school with his future band mate Tom Chaplin.He graduated from the University College London.


    • In 1995 Richard Hughes, Tim Rice-Oxley and Dominic Scott started their first band, The Lotus Eaters.It was a cover band that played U2, Oasis and The Beatles at Sussex pubs. In 1997 Tim convinced the other two to let Tom Chaplin join the band as an acoustic guitar player.

      In early 2010 that he was working on a side-project "Mt. Desolation" along with his bandmate Jesse Quin, which resulted in an album release and supporting tour.

      He was also writing songs for Gwen Stefani and Kylie Minogue, but currently he provides live and studio backing vocals for Keane except some studio songs.

      In 2011 Rice-Oxley built "Sea Fog Studio" at his home,which is named after the Keane's song "Sea Fog"

    Major achievements

    • achievement1249972 Rice-Oxley built "Sea Fog Studio" at his home,which was named after the Keane's song "Sea Fog". Keane's album Strangeland was recorded there.




    Quotations: I remember having piano lessons when I was very young, and I never practised. It was just boring, it was all classical music, and I didn't like it. I always had to do exams, you know these theory exams, where they make you sing, god it was so humiliating! Anyway, so eventually because I never practised, my parents made me give up and said they don't want to pay for the lessons anymore but of course, being a typical kind of difficult teenager as soon as I stopped having lessons I had actually wanted to play the piano. So I started teaching myself.


    Physical Characteristics: Height -192 cm;

    Hair Color - Dark brown

    Eye Color - Blue


    Timothy Rice-Oxley
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    Born June 2, 1976
    (age 41)
    • 1995 - 1997
      The Lotus Eaters
    • 1997 - 2013
    • 2010 - present
      Mt. Desolation



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