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Clare Boothe Luce

Clare Boothe Luce, playwright, congresswoman, ambassador. Decorated knight Order of Grand Cross, Order of Lafayette, Dame of Malta; recipient Dag Hammarskjold medal, Laetare medal, American Statesman medal, Trinity award, Fourth Estate award, International Achievement award, Sylvanus Thayer award, Distinguished Service to Congress award, American Eagle award., Presidential Medal of Freedom.


  • Luce, Clare Boothe was born on March 10, 1903 in New York City. Daughter of William F. and Ann (Snyder) Boothe.

  • Education

    • Student, St. Mary's, Garden City, Long Island, 1917. Student, The Castle, Tarrytown, New York, 1919. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Colby College.

      Doctor of Letters (honorary), Fordham University. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Hamilton College. Doctor of Letters (honorary), Mundelein College.

      Honorary Doctor of Laws, Temple University. Honorary Doctor of Laws, Creighton University. Honorary Doctor of Laws, Georgetown University.

      Honorary Doctor of Laws, Seton Hall College. Honorary Doctor of Laws, Mount Holyoke College. Honorary Doctor of Laws, Boston University.

      Honorary Doctor of Laws, Westminster College. Doctor of Hebrew Literature (honorary), United States.C. Medical School. A.F.D. (honorary), St. John's University.


    • Associate editor Vogue, 1930. Associate editor Vanity Fair, 1931-1932, managing editor, 1933-1934. Newspaper columnist, 1934.

      Playwright, from 1935. Member 78th-79th Congresses from 4th Connecticut District, 1943-1947. United States ambassador to Italy, 1953-1957.

      Member President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, 1973-1977, 82-87. Consultant in field.


    • Saints for Now
    • Edited by Clare Booth Luce The well-known writer and Catholic convert, Clare Booth Luce, edited this classic on the lives of saints by a group of world-famous authors.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Denomination: Roman Catholic


    Member Academy Political Science, American Institute Foreign Trade, American Security Council (director), American Society Oceanography (director), Honolulu Academy Arts (director), United States Capitol History Society (director), National Institute Social Science, Hawaii Foundation American Freedoms, Former Members Congress, National Federation Press Women, Association Former Intelligence Officers, Center for The Book, Committee on Present Danger, National Committee United States-China Relations, United States Strategic Institute, Council American Ambassador. Hillsdale Associates. Member National Society Literature and Arts., Daughters of the American Revolution Clubs: Overseas Press.


    • Married George Tuttle Brokaw, August 10, 1923 (divorced 1929). Married Henry R. Luce, November 23, 1935.
    Clare Boothe Luce
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    Born March 10, 1903
    Died October 9, 1987
    (aged 84)
    • 1917
      St. Mary's
    • 1919
      The Castle
    • 1930
      Associate, editor Vogue
    • 1931 - 1932
      associate, editor Vanity Fair
    • 1933 - 1934
      associate, editor Vanity Fair
    • 1934
      newspaper columnist
    • 1943 - 1947
      member, 78th-79th Congresses from 4th Connecticut District
    • 1953 - 1957
      United States ambassador, to Italy
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