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Nikolai Stepanovich Leshenyuk

Nikolai Stepanovich Leshenyuk is a physics professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, works at the Department of Natural Sciences of the Command and Engineering Institute since 1997. His Achievements include patents in field. Nikolai Stepanovich is the author of such novels as The Universe, How We Can Imagine It.

Major achievements

  • Include patents in field


  • The Universe (novel)
  • How we can imagine it (novel)
  • Laser IR spectroscopy of vibrationally nonequilibrium molecular gases
  • The study of vibrational energy relaxation in gas mixtures containing CO2


  • father: Stepan Gerasimovich
  • mother: Aleksandra Aleksyeevna
  • children: Tatsiana Nikolaevna
  • Aleksandr Nikolaevich
  • Wife: Maryna Viktorovna
Nikolai Stepanovich Leshenyuk
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Born December 15, 1944
(age 72)
  • November 30, 1963 - November 30, 1967
    Belarus State University
  • November 30, 1999 - November 30, 2005
    Dean environmental monitoring faculty , International Sakharov Environmental University
  • November 30, 2006 - November 30, 2011
    Professor, Institute Command Engineers


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  • Relatives
    • Aleksandra Aleksyeevna (Lykashevich) Leshenyuk; Married Maryna Viktorovna Kachuk, April 30, 2003; children: Tatsiana Nikolaevna Kurlovich, Aleksandr Nikolaevich.
    • Stepan Gerasimovich
    • Aleksandra Aleksyeevna Lykashevich
    • Tatsiana Nikolaevna Kurlovich
    • Aleksandr Nikolaevich Leshenyuk
    • Stepan Gerasimovich Leshenyuk
    • Maryna Viktorovna Kachuk
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