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MICHAEL LEWIS, American Lawyer, Partner of LEMPRES & WULFSBERG, specializing in the field of General Civil and Trial Practice. Construction, Environmental, Insurance Coverage, Products Liability, Professional Liability, Real Estate, Corporate, Merger and Acquisition, Taxation, Estate Planning and Probate, Bankruptcy. Insolvency and Creditor’s Rights Law.


  • LEWIS, MICHAEL was born in 1950 in Bakersfield, Cahfomia.

  • Education

    • Cahfomia State College at Bakersfield (Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude in Political Science, 1972). Hastings College of Law, University of Cahfomia (Juris Doctor, 1979).


    • Working as a partner of LEMPRES & WULFSBERG. Admitted to the bar, 1979, Cahfomia and United States. District Court, Northern District of California. 1984, United States. District Court, Eastern District of Cahfomia.

      1987, United States. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit.


    • "Administrative Expenses," Fundamentals of Creditor Representation in Bankruptcy, 1986.


    Bar Association of San Francisco.
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    Born 1950
    (age 67)
    • 1979
      Cahfomia and United States
    • 1979
      Admitted to the bar


    Alexandra Remova

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      • Cahfomia and United States
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      • "Administrative Expenses," Fundamentals of Creditor Representation in Bankruptcy, 1986.
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