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MICHAEL WILSON, American Lawyer, Partner of HIGGS, FLETCHER & MACK, specializing in the field of General Civil and Trial Practice in all State■ and Federal Courts. Admiralty, Antitrust, Aviation, Banking, Bankruptcy, Business, Commercial, Condemnation, Construction, Corporation, Eminent Domain, Employment, Environmental, Estate Planning Government Relations, Insurance, Land Use, Libel, Media, Municipal, Negligence, Probate, Products Liability, Professional Malpractice, Public Contracts Real Property, Federal and State Securities, Tax, Water Rights, Wills and Trust.


  • WILSON, MICHAEL was born in 1964 in Oceanside, California, Febraury 29.

  • Education

    • University of California at Santa Barbara (Bachelor of Arts, 1986). Hastings College of the Law, Unviersity of California (Juris Doctor, 1989). Member, Law Quarterly Journal at Hastings.


    • Working as a partner of HIGGS, FLETCHER & MACK. Admitted to the bar, 1989, Califoraai.


    State Bar of California. American Bar Association.
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    Born 1964
    (age 53)
    • 1989
    • 1989
      Admitted to the bar


    Elizaveta Chadovich

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      • Califoraai
      • Hastings College of the Law, Unviversity of California
      • University of California at Santa Barbara
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