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Goodrich Wilson Lineweaver


  • Son of James M. and Sallie C. (Ralston) Lineweaver.

    On June 21, 1921 he married Evelyn M. Koogler.

  • Education

    • Got education at Virginia public schools.


    • city editor, asso. editor Norfolk (Va.) Ledger-Dispatch, 1920-34;

      sec. Hampton Roads (Va.) Port Commn., 1921-26;

      analyst polit., transp., electric utility, fire ins. and conservation subjects, 1920-34;

      sec. Fed. Power Commn., Washington, 1934-36;

      cons. Nat. Power Policy Com., Nat. Reclamation Assn., Pa. Anthracite Commn., Brooking Instn., 1936-37;

      exec. sec. U.S. Reclamation Repayment Commn., Dept. Interior, 1937-39;

      cons. Nat. Reclamation Assn., 1939; cons. and chief research, 1940-42, chief information, 1942-43;

      asst. to commr., 1944;

      dir. br. Operation and Maintenance, 1945-50;

      asst. commr. Bur. Reclamation, Dept. Interior 1950-53; asst. to commr. Bur. Reclamation, 1953-55;

      com. asst. Senate Com. on Interior and Insular Affairs, 1955-61;

      rep. Sec. Interior on saline water program, negoti ation All-Am. Canal supplemental contract,

      and cooperation with Western land grant colls., 1952;

      spl. agt. Bur. Census, 1941-43; Mem. Dept. Interior, Interdept. Com. on Civilian Def.;

      sec. Interdept. Com. Phosphate Devel. in Pacific N.W., 1941. Served at Officers Tng. Camp, Ft. Myer, Va., 1917;

      lt. army transport service U.S. Army, 1917-18;

      asst. troop movement officer, supt insps., port debarkation, Newport News, Norfolk, Va., 1918-20. Mem. Am. Legion.

      Presbyn. Club: Nat. Democratic. Mason. Home: 5415 Connecticut Av. N.W.


    Denomination: Catholic


    • Catholic Church , the USA

    • Special Committee Mayor Ward Swank , the USA


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    Died August 8, 1961
    (aged 74)
    • 1903 - 1907
      reporter, Daily News-Record
      Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States
    • 1907 - 1911
      editor, Hinton, Peneville, and Elkins
    • 1911 - 1912
      printing clerk, House of Delegates
    • 1913 - 1917
      managing editor, Daily Times,Daily News-Record


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    • Membership
      • Catholic Church
      • Special Committee Mayor Ward Swank
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