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JOHN GOULD, American Lawyer, Partner of ANDERSON, YOUNG & HILLIARD, specializing in the field of General Practice and Litigation in Oregon and Washington State and Federal Courts. Antitrust, Corporation and Corporate Finance, Labor and Employment, Real Estate and Land Use Planning, Taxation, Commercial, Hospital and Health Care, Forest Products, Intellectual Property, Insurance, International Transactions, Media Law, Municipal and Government Law, ERISA Employee Benefits, Construction, Banking, Utilities, Trust and Estates, Natural Resources, Envirnomental, Transportation, Bankruptcy and Admiralty.


  • GOULD, JOHN was born on November 18, 1939 in Grants Pass, Oregon, United States.

  • Education

    • Harvard University (Bachelor of Arts, 1961). University of Oregon (Juris Doctor, 1968). Member, Oregon Law Review, 1967-1968.


    • Working as a partner of LANE POWELL SPEARS LUBERSKY. Admitted to the bar, 1968, Oregon. 1985, Washington and United States. District Court, Western District of Washington.


    Oregon State Bar; Washington State and American (This Card Continued) Bar Associations. Public Utilities, Railroads, Energy, Environmental Law, General Administrative Law, Litigation.
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    Born November 18, 1939
    • 1968
    • 1985
      Washington and United States


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