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RAYMOND THOMAS, American Lawyer, Partner of JARVIS, SCHWARZ & KITTLEMAN, specializing in the field of General Civil Practice. Banking, Taxation, Securities, Water Rights and Environmental Law, Labor, Cooperative, Construction, Real Estate, Wills and Trust, Estate Planning and Oil and Gas Law. Trials in all State and Federal Courts.


  • THOMAS, RAYMOND was born in 1963 in Alpine, Texas, August 18.

  • Education

    • St. Mary's University (Bachelor of Arts, with honors, 1985). University of Texas (Juris Doctor, 1988). Member, Hidalgo County Pro Bono Project.

      Spoken languages: Spanish.


    • Working as a partner of JARVIS, SCHWARZ & KITTLEMAN. Admitted to the bar, 1988, Texas and United States. District Court, Southern District of Texas. 1989, United States. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit.


    Hidalgo County Bar Association. State Bar of Texas (Member, Antitrust and Civil Litigation Sections).
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    Born August 18, 1963
    (age 54)
    • 1988
      Texas and United States


    Olga Borisik

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