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  • De Leon graduated from South Carolina College and studied law, but soon turned to literature and politics.


  • Thirty Years of My Life on Three Continents
  • The Khedive's Egypt
  • Under the Star and Under the Crescent
  • Askaros Kassis, the Copt


  • father: Mordecai Hendricks De Leon - physician,mayor of Columbia, mayor of Columbia
    Edwin's father Mordecai De Leon, a physician, removed from Philadelphia to Columbia, South Carolina, and was mayor of that city for several years.
  • mother: Rebecca Lopez
  • brother: Thomas Cooper de Leon - newspaperman
  • brother: David Camden De Leon
  • Sister: Agnes
  • Sister: Maria Louisa
  • Sister: Adeline Mary
  • Wife: Ellen Mary Novlan of Rothgar - Irish
    De Leon married Ellen Mary Novlan of Rothgar, Ireland, on August 25, 1858, in Somerset, England.
Edwin de Leon
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Born May 4, 1818
Died November 30, 1891
(aged 73)
  • 1850
    editor, the Savannah Republican
  • 1850
    editor, the Columbia, South Carolina Telegraph
  • 1850
    Founder, The Southern Press
  • 1853
    consul-general, Ambassy of Confederacy


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