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Chauncey Mitchell Depew

Chauncey Mitchell Depew, American senator. member of New York Assembly, 1861-1862.


  • DEPEW, Chauncey Mitchell was born on April 23, 1834 in Peekskill, New York, United States. Son of Isaac Depew and Martha Mitchell, granddaughter of Reverend Josiah Sherman, brother of Roger Sherman, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, Yale, 1856 (Doctor of Laws, 1887).


    • 2d, May Palmer, December, 1901. Admitted to bar, 1858. Member of New York Assembly, 1861-1862.

      Secretary of state of New York, 1863. Appointed and confirmed United States minister to Japan, but declined. Defeated for lieutenant governor New York on Liberal Republican ticket, 1872.

      Attorney for New York & Harlem R.R., 1866. For New York City&Hassaram Rijhumal R.R., 1869, general counsel, 1875, 2d vice president same, 1882, president same, 1885-1898. Also president, until 1898, West Shore R.R. From 1898 Chairman, Board Of Directors New York Central R.R. Director Western Union Telegraph Company, West Shore R.R., C.&N.W. Railway Company, C.,St.P.,M.&O. Railway Company, C.,C.,C.&St.Louis Railway Company, Canada Southern Railway Company, and numerous railway, banking and other corporations Regent U. State of New York, 1877-1904.

      Declined elections as United States senator, 1885. Declined appointment as Secretary of State in cabinet of President Benjamin Harrison. Received 99 votes for presidential nomination, Republican National Convention, 1888.

      Delegate-at-large Republican National convs., 1888, 92, 96, 1900, 04, and to all succeeding convs., including 1924 (placed Benjamin Harrison in nomination for the Presidency, 1888, and Governor Morton, 1896). United States senator, 1899-1905, 1905-1911. Orator at unveiling of Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.

      At centennial celebration of inauguration of George Washington. At opening of Chicago Exposition, 1893. Home: New York, New York.


    Member of New York Assembly, 1861-1862.


    • Married Elise Hegeman, November 9, 1871 (died 1893).
    • father: Isaac Depew
    • mother: Martha (Mitchell) Depew
    • spouse: Elise Hegeman
    Chauncey Mitchell Depew
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    Died April 5, 1928
    (aged 93)


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