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Albert Cabell Ritchie

Albert Cabell Ritchie, American governor. member Ritchie & Janney, 1903-1920.


  • Ethnicity: Father was Albert ( Professor of Law at the University of Maryland, as City Solicitor of Baltimore, Maryland, and as a judge),mother was Elizabeth Caskie Cabell (was descended from a Governor of Virginia and from Joseph Cabell, a close associate of Thomas Jefferson.)

  • Ritchie, Albert Cabell was born on August 29, 1876 in Richmond, Virginia, United States. Son of Judge Albert and Elizabeth Caskle (Cabell) Ritchie.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, Johns Hopkins, 1896. Bachelor of Laws, University Maryland, 1898, Doctor of Laws, 1920. Doctor of Laws, St. John’s, 1920, Washington College, 1923, Loyola College, Baltimore, Maryland., 1929.



    • Began practice of law with Steele, Semmes, Carey and Bond, Baltimore, 1898, admitted to firm 1900. Assistant city solicitor of Baltimore, 1903-1910. Assistant general counsel to Pub. General counsel War Industries Board, June 1918-Dec.


    Member Ritchie & Janney, 1903-1920.
    • Member, Ritchie and Janney, 1903-1920. Assistant City Solicitor of Baltimore, 1903-1910. Assistant General Counsel to Public Service Commission, 1910-1913. Attorney General Maryland. 1916-1920. Governor Maryland, 1920-1931. Prof, of law, University Maryland Law School, 1907-1920. Author: Municipal Condemnation in Maryland, 1904. Democratic Member of American Bar Association. Maryland and Baltimore Bar Association, Academy Political Science. Delta Phi. Clubs: Maryland, Baltimore, University, Johns Hopkins, Merchants’, Athletic.


    • father: Judge Albert Ritchie
    • mother: Elizabeth Caskle (Cabell) Ritchie
    Albert Cabell Ritchie
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    Born August 29, 1876
    Died February 24, 1936
    (aged 59)


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