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Claude Corea (Sir George Claude Stanley Corea)

Sir George Claude Stanley Corea was a Ceylonese politician and diplomat.


  • He was born on 29 January 1894 to a well known Ceylonese political family hailing from the Western seaboard town of Chilaw. His father was Alfred Winzer Corea who was an officer in government police and his mother was Sarah Elizabeth Herat. In the late 19th Century the Corea brothers, wealthy landed proprietors, set up the Chilaw Association, as a political action group.

  • Education

    • He was educated at Wesley College, Colombo.


    • Sir Claude started his political career in wartime Ceylon, entering the State Council in 1931.

      He acted as Minister of Home Affairs in 1933, becoming Minister of Labour, Industry and Commerce in 1936, coincidentally with his marriage to Lilie Karmani Chitty. He continued as Minister of Labour, Industry and Commerce until 1946.

      Sir Claude took up the post of Ceylonese Representative in the United Kingdom in 1946, two years prior to independence. It is as a diplomat par excellence that he is remembered. His contribution as a diplomat has given him legendary status among the cognoscenti.

      Chairman of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Chairman of 5th Commission of United Nations in 1958, Chairman of Security Council in 1960

    Major achievements

    • Knighted by Queen Elizabeth The second in 1952


    • father: Alfred Winzer Corea - officer in government police
    • mother: Sarah Elizabeth Herat
    • Wife: Karmanie Chitty - diplomat
      Sir Claude married Lilie Karmini Chitty (born 1903), daughter of James Morel Chitty, Crown Counsellor and his French Huguenot wife, Auguste Matilde Morel.

      Lady Corea played an important role in Sir Claude’s career as a diplomat.
    • children: Nihal, Harindra, Chandra
    Claude Corea
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    Born September 5, 1894
    Died September 3, 1962
    (aged 67)
    • 1910 - 1911
      Wesley College, Colombo
    • 1910
      Bar of Ceylon
    • 1912 - 1916
      Law Shcool, Colombo
    • 1916 - 1931
      Practise in City of Chilaw
    • 1931 - 1936
      member, Ceylon State Council
    • 1934 - 1936
      President, Ceylon National Congress
    • 1936 - 1946
      minister, labour industry and commerce
    • 1936 - 1946
      member, Ceylon State Council
    • 1942 - 1946
      President, Boy Scouts Association of Ceylon
    • 1946 - 1948
      high commander for Ceylon in U.K
      United Kingdom
    • 1948 - 1953
      ambassador to United States,
    • 1953 - 1957
      high commander for Ceylon in U.K
      United Kingdom
    • 1958
      Ceylon representative to United Nations
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