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Aaron Burr

the third Vice President of the United States (1801–1805), served during President Thomas Jefferson's first term


  • His mother, Esther Edwards, was the daughter of Jonathan Edwards, the famous Calvinist theologian, making Burr Edwards's grandson. The Burrs also had a daughter, Sarah, who married Tapping Reeve, founder of the Litchfield Law School in Litchfield, Connecticut. Aaron Burr's father died in 1757, and his mother the following year, leaving him an orphan at the age of two. Grandfather Edwards and his wife Sarah also died that year; young Aaron and his sister Sally went to live with the William Shippen family in Philadelphia. In 1759, the children's guardianship was assumed by twenty-one-year-old uncle Timothy Edwards.

  • Education

    • graduated from the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) in 1772

    Major achievements

    • attorney general of New York 1789-1790
    Aaron Burr
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    Born February 6, 1756
    Died September 14, 1836
    (aged 80)
    • 1775 - 1779
      Served in Revolutionary War, entered the Continental Army
    • 1782
      dmitted to the bar and practiced in Albany, New York
    • 1784
      member, State assembly
    • 1791
      commissioner of Revolutionary claims
    • 1791
      president of the State constitutional convention
    • March 4, 1791 - March 3, 1797
      elected to the United States Senate


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    • Relatives
      • Theodosia
        • Activities
          • either murdered by pirates or shipwrecked in a storm.
          • she married Joseph Alston of South Carolina and bore a son
          • who died of fever at ten years of age. During the winter of 1812-1813
          • she disappeared with the schooner Patriot off The Carolinas
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