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Norman George is a Cook Islands politician and former Speaker of the Cook Islands Parliament, Deputy Prime Minister, and Cabinet Minister.


  • He worked as a police officer, first for the Cook Islands Police and then for the New Zealand Police Force, before working as a lawyer in Rarotonga. He was first elected to the Cook Islands Parliament in 1983.

    Between 1984 and 1989 George was a cabinet Minister in the coalition governments of Tom Davis and Pupuke Robati, holding the portfolios of Foreign Affairs, Customs, Parliamentary Services, Cook Islands Development Bank, Police and Attorney General.

    In 1992 George was expelled from the Democratic Party after a dispute over spending. He established the Alliance Party, which subsequently won two seats in the 1994 elections. The party, rebranded as the New Alliance Party, won four seats at the 1999 elections, and George became Deputy Prime Minister. He was sacked from that role after he defected to the opposition in October, 1999, but regained the position in exchange for his party's support of Terepai Maoate as Prime Minister.

    The New Alliance Party subsequently merged with the Democratic Alliance Party, and George held several portfolios in the coalition government of Robert Woonton before being sacked again in 2002. A series of scandals over conflicts of interest, the apparent sale of a residency permit to New Zealand developer Mark Lyon, and a court case over "double dipping" saw George decline in popularity. When the Democratic Party did not select him as a candidate for the 2004 elections, he split from the party and established the Tumu Enua Party, but failed to win reelection.

    Following his election defeat George was appointed Speaker of the Cook Islands Parliament. He subsequently returned to Parliament in a by-election as an independent aligned with the Cook Islands Party, and was re-elected in the 2006 elections as a CIP candidate.

    George was re-elected at the 2010 election, but was not given a Cabinet position. As a result he resigned from the party and became an independent again.


an independent agent


  • Parliamentary Association (executive committee 1986) , Cook Islands


  • father: Raita
  • mother: Tungane
  • children: Norman Anthony
  • Kevin Clifford
  • Brett
  • Alexander
  • Leon
  • Wife: Nane Florry
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Born July 2, 1946
(age 71)
  • November 30, 1969 - November 30, 1979
    Senior sergeant, sergeant New Zealand Police
    Auckland, New Zealand
  • November 30, 1979 - November 30, 1982
    officer, consular affairs
  • November 30, 1983 - 2011
    member of parliment, m.p. from Areora/Tengatangi/Ngatiarua district
  • November 30, 1983 - November 30, 1990
    minister, minister foreign affairs


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  • Relatives
    • Norman Anthony George
    • Kevin Clifford George
    • Nane Florry Hosking
    • Leon George
    • Brett George
    • Alexander George
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    • Personal site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norman_George
  • Career
    • consular affairs
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    • m.p. from Areora/Tengatangi/Ngatiarua district
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    • minister foreign affairs
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    • sergeant New Zealand Police
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  • Membership
    • Parliamentary Association Cook Islands (executive committee 1986?Co).
    • Parliamentary Association (executive committee 1986)
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