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Tso-yu Lee (Li Tsu-yu)

Tso-yu Lee was a Chinese jurist and Government official. He occupied various positions in the sphere of law.


  • Mr. Lee was born in 1884 in Hangchow, Chekiang, China.

  • Education

    • Tso-yu Lee graduated from the department of political science and economics of Waseda University in Japan.


    • Upon returning to China in 1908, Mr. Lee became an instructor at the Law School of Hupeh. Than he occupied such positions as secretary in the Civil Affairs Department of Chekiang in 1911, presiding judge of the Peking High Court in 1912, judge of the Supreme Court in 1914.

      In recognition of his meritorious services he was promoted presiding judge of the Supreme Court and concurrently member of the Disciplinary Commission of Judicial Officials and instructor of law at the Law Institute in Peking in 1918. In 1921 he went to England, Germany, and other European countries to study judicial administration and investigate economic and financial conditions, upon returning to China he resigned all governmental positions and became an attorney-at-law Shanghai in 1922, when he initiated a movement for the rendition of the Shanghai Mixed Court, Chairman of the Shanghai Bar Association and member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Ratepayers Association at Shanghai. Then he was appointed member of the Fukien Provincial Government and concurrently Commissioner of Civil Affairs of Fukien in 1934.


    • A Study on Finance
    • General Principles of Obligations in Civil Law
    Tso-yu Lee
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    • 1908
      instructor, Law School of Hupeh
      Hubei, China
    • 1911
      secretary, Civil Affairs Department of Chekiang
      Zhejiang, China
    • 1912
      presiding judge, Peking High Court
      Peking, China
    • 1914
      judge, Supreme Court
    • 1918
      instructor of law, Law Institute
      Peking, China


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      • A Study on Finance
    • Works
      • General Principles of Obligations in Civil Law
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