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T. B. Chang (Chang Chu-Pin)

Chang T. B. was one of the most influential journalists in the 30s of the 20th century.


  • Mr. Chang was born February 21, 1885, in Tai Chang Hsien, Kiangsu, China.

  • Education

    • Chang T. B. attended Chants Academy, Shanghai, and entered St. John's University, Shanghai, but left school in 1911.


    • Chang T. B. in 1911 joined the staff of the Shun Pao, and subsequently became manager until 1932. He was a managing director of the China Times, an influential Chinese daily paper. Later he became a chief executive of the China Press, English language daily, incorporated in Delaware, U.S.A. Mr. Chang also was a managing director of the Ta Wan Pao (China Evening News) Chinese evening daily of the largest circulation. He worked as a managing director of the Shun Shih News Agency, only agency supplying telegram service to different newspapers in China and abroad. He resigned from the above four posts in May 1935.

      Later he became a president of the Consolidated National Advertising Co.,then a president of the Consolidated Coupon Co., Ltd., and a director of the Great China University, Shanghai.


    • Chang T. B. married in Shanghai, June 22, 1912.
    • Son: Pao An - Chinese
    • Daughter: Esther - Chinese
    • Daughter: Hilda - Chinese
    • Daughter: Amy - Chinese
    T. B. Chang
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    Born February 21, 1885
    • May, 1935
      managing director, China Times
    • May, 1935
      managing director, Ta Wan Pao (China Evening News)
    • May, 1935
      chief executive, China Press
      Delaware, U.S.A.
    • May, 1935
      managing director, Shun Shih News Agency
    • 1911 - 1932
      manager, Shun Pao
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