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Fah-kwai Chang (Chang Fa-kwel)

Chang Fah-kwai was a serviceman and took part in the Northern Punitive Expedition of 1926.


  • Mr. Chang was born in Shihsing District, Kwangtung, China in 1896.

  • Education

    • Chang Fah-kwai received his training at the Hupeh Military School.


    • Chang Fah-kwai started his career as a battalion commander of the Guards Regiment of the Generalissimo's Headquarters at Canton. He served in Kwangtung Provincial Army as a regimental commander and later a brigadier commander. Chang Fah-kwai played important role during the Northern Punitive Expedition of 1926 and was successively Commander of the 12th Nationalist Division, Commander of the 4th Army (which is generally known in China as "The Ironsides") and Commander-in-Chief of the 2nd Group Army. Later he was a member of the Central Supervisory Committee of the Kuomintang.

      Chang Fah-kwai was touring Europe and America for several years studying political and military conditions. After his tour he returned to China.
    Fah-kwai Chang
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