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Tsung-yin Teng (Tsoong inug Dunn)

Teng Tsung-yin was a Chinese consular official.


  • Mr. Teng was born in 1892. He was native of Kiangsi province.

  • Education

    • Teng Tsung-yin graduated from Wisconsin University in 1914 (Bachelor of Arts). Then he received his Master of Arts degree in Columbia University in 1916 and passed Diplomatic Examination in 1919.


    • He was a member of Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1919, secretary of Chinese Legation in Peru and concurrently Chinese consul general at Lima in 1925-28. Then Mr. Teng took a position secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the National Government, 1932.

      Later he was promoted senior secretary of the same Ministry 1933-34, Chinese Consul-General for the Philippine Islands, 1935.
    Tsung-yin Teng
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    • 1914
      Wisconsin University
      Madison, WI 53706, USA
    • 1916
      Columbia University
      116th St & Broadway, New York, NY 10027, USA
    • 1919 - 1925
      Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      Beijing, China
    • 1925 - 1928
      Chinese consul general, Chinese Embassy in Peru
      Lima, Peru
    • 1928 - 1934
      Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      Beijing, China
    • 1935
      Consul-General, Chinese Embassy
      Philippine Islands


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